Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Michelle's little man shower

For the last month, I have been planning my cute little sister's baby shower. It was so much fun to plan. She is having a little boy, so I went with the "little man" theme. Look how cute she is! She is hardly showing! ( Due in June) So, I obviously haven't blogged forever, I uploaded the pictures in the wrong order. Oh well!

Love you Chell!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Life is good!

A few weeks ago we had Christmas in July. My mom cleaned out her toy room and brought a bunch of toys up to us! The boys were in Heaven! They spread the toys all over our living room and played for hours.
 One of their favorite toys was this "shake and go" race track. We played this together for quite a few days. It never seemed to get old for them.

 We also went to St. George with Charles' family. We had tons of fun! We went swimming everyday! Andy loved being with all of his cousins.

 Charles was the motor for the "pirate ship" The kids loved playing with him. He taught them funny pirate phrases to say when they passed people in the pool.

On Saturday we went bowling with our neighbors and their kids. There were also arcade games to play. Andy thought this motorcycle one was pretty cool. We ended up winning quite a few tickets with the games so, both of our boys got to pick out a little stuffed animal from the prize counter. They have been holding those animals pretty much non stop since then!
 Andy's first time bowling. He had tons of fun. He actually turned it into a weight lifting competition too. He would try to lift the heaviest ball he could find on his turn. If I tried to help him he would tell me not to.

 Andy had the bumpers up on his turn and he used this little track. He ended up beating me by 20 points the first game. I am not a bowling champ! The second game I beat him by 20. So what can we conclude from this? I have the skills of a 3 year old when it comes to bowling :) oh well, at least we all had fun!
 Dallin kept himself busy with this little cup. He thought it was so funny to put it on his head like a hat. It was really funny to watch the boys while we were bowling. The bowling alley played a bunch of fun music. The boys couldn't help but get their groove on! Andy would just break out in a dance. It was super funny to see his "moves"

On Sunday night we went to fireworks for Pioneer day. At first, Dallin wasn't sure if he liked them. Once he realized that every one was happy and safe, he decided they were fun. He would point and clap. We had such a good time. There was an orchestra playing while the fireworks went off. Andy was super excited when they started playing star wars music!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sweet Andy

We just had the sweetest experience with Andy. He was playing in our backyard with some buddies and they found a little bird that was hurt. They were really concerned about it so they came and got some adults. After all of our guests left, Andy was still concerned about "birdy". He wanted to go find her. We got a flash light and found her. She was in pretty bad shape, but we didn't know what to do, so we put her in a tree. Charles then explained to Andy that Birdy may not live very long and that she would go to heaven. Andy asked if we could "tell Heavenly Father that we found Birdy and that she was hurt" He said the sweetest little prayer (I'm not gonna lie, I was bawling) Then we talked a little more about heaven. We told him that Grandpa Zeke would be there to take care of Birdy. Andy asked if he could go there too. We explained that he needed to stay here on earth with us. Andy asked again if we could tell Heavenly Father that we found Birdy. He was so concerned about her. It was so sweet to see his concern and compassion for that little bird. We are so blessed to have such a sweetheart in our home!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's day and beyond

I found this super fun site with printable Star Wars stuff. I had tons of fun doing it for Charles for Father's day. He loved it and Andy thinks it super awesome. Andy's favorite one is the "Vaderade"

This week Dallin started eating with a spoon. These are pics of his first time. He did pretty well considering.....

We took the boys camping at South Fork a few weeks ago. They LOVED it! On Friday evening we let them play in the stream that runs though the camp. They both loved throwing rocks and mud. At one point Dallin was just smearing mud all over his legs. 

For my birthday (in March) I got this new bed frame. I also found this duvet cover and pillows that I loved. 

I repainted our night stand and then covered some boxes in wrapping paper and scrap book paper. I know this is a little OCD, but I also wrapped the tissue box in matching paper. I love how it all turned out. 

Yes, that is a bike helmet on Andy :)

My cute sister Michelle came to visit from Washington. They boys absolutely adored her and her husband Ben. Normally, when I read bedtime stories to the boys, Dallin will listen to about 1 book and then he is done. When Michelle read to them, Dallin sat for 3 books! He kept looking over at me and giggling and then looking back at the book. We love our Chell!!